Cladding Systems


Unitized curtain wall systems are composed of large glass units that are created and glazed within factory and then sent to construction site. Once on site, the units can then be hoisted onto anchors connected to the building. High quality, due to tight tolerances of fabrication in a climate-controlled environment, is only one hallmark of this type of system. Since there is no on-site glazing, another major benefit of using a unitized system is the speed of installation. This system is well suited for cases where there is a large volume of prefabricated unitized panels required, where there are higher field labor costs (thereby shifting the labor to a more cost effective factory work force), where higher performance is needed (for wind loads, air/moisture protection, seismic/blast performance), for taller structures, and more regular conditions for panel optimization.


An innovative and cost effective cladding, based on the proven principle of the ventilated cavity, using natural clay tiles suspended in a rains screen mechanically,attached to an aluminum substructure. The natural beauty and symmetry of the facade is created by contracting the smooth faced tile with the precise joint. Where as the main theme cladding or as feature, the clean lines and aesthetic charm of the Terracotta tile can be effectively designed in conjunction with the cladding components of glazing, curtain walling and stucco. Tiles can be smooth faced, profiled, textured or glazed.